who are we

Since our journey that started in 1993; RETA PROJE offers its innovative approach and knowledge to creative works in projects. In addition to large-scale urban transformation projects; we provide architectural, landscape, interior design and visualization projects and all engineering projects; We provide implementation and consultancy services in turnkey projects.


ARCHITECTURE - We offer functional and realistic projects in many areas such as public buildings, commercial buildings and cultural complexes. We design and implement user-oriented living spaces, social facilities, public buildings and more by considering environmental factors.

INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE - The scope of interior works includes designing the interiors of public, private and private buildings and project elements from 3D visual representations to fabrication details. Interior spaces are created in line with the project and user requirements and enriched with decorative elements that meet spatial needs.

LANDSCAPE - We attach great importance to landscaping and recreation areas in our projects. Our work area is city furniture, pedestrian axes, walking and bicycle paths, outdoor fitness areas, playgrounds for children, use of water elements, hard and soft surface solutions, preparation of structural and herbal projects.

3D VISUALIZATION AND ANIMATION - Includes complete production of 3D visuals and animations that realistically represent and bring the project to life.

INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENGINEERING - Infrastructure and engineering services that form the main arteries of all projects are provided. Our expert infrastructure team, civil engineers (reinforced concrete and steel), electrical engineers and mechanical engineers shed light on design by making accurate and functional designs.

URBAN TRANSFORMATION - Urban design and planning is done according to the location of the region, its needs and the latest regulations of feasibility studies. Architecture, recreation areas and the design of the infrastructure are analyzed and projected in detail.